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The Simplicity Easy-Fill ATO Reservoir elevates and simplifies the water top-off routine. The patent-pending, wide-mouth lid converts to a funnel for easy refills, allowing users to spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying their aquarium. The reservoir keeps salinity and water level consistent while shielding the water from external elements and evaporation loss. These one-of-a-kind top-off containers are available in two space-saving sizes and covered by a 3-year prorated limited warranty and unlimited lifetime, US-based support.


Simplify Maintenance

The one-of-a-kind easy-fill lid with built-in splash guard allows users to quickly fill the reservoir with less mess.


Universal Compatibility

It pairs easily with nearly every auto top-off (ATO) on the market. The lid's large opening fits most ATO pumps and features tubing and power cord cutouts.


Reduce Algae Build-up

Opaque black sides help prevent light penetration and reduce nuisance algae growth.


Track Top-Off Usage

The clear acrylic front panel with easy-to-read graduations lets you view the volume at a glance.


Space-saving Design

The compact footprint fits easily inside most cabinets.

Simplicity Easy-Fill ATO Reservoir

PriceFrom $139.99