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Atlantic Aquariums definitely brings fish keeping to a science. One of our missions is to do our part as aquarists to protect the ecosystems our hobby takes advantage of. 

Atlantic Aquariums will soon work on a  non-profit research facility and conservatory to help conservation organizations in the quest to protect our beloved ecosystems and to help educate the public.

Protecting the Environment

It is important as pet owners that we keep in mind the effects our hobby can have on the environment. Certain mistakes such as releasing pets into the wild can have negative affects to the environment and ecosystems.

We do our part to educate other hobbyists like ourselves the importance of responsible pet ownership and what to do if you can no longer care for your pet. 

For many years it has been known that aquarists would end up releasing fish and other aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms into local waterways. This in turn would introduce invasive species into ecosystems they do not belong. To combat this many governments start to add the animals on lists that include animals that cannot be kept as pets.


We want everyone to enjoy and discover the  vast biodiversity our aquatic ecosystems have to offer and to make sure we can, it is our job to rehome our aquatic friends responsibly. We are always happy to help you in finding a new home for your fishy friends. We recommend finding another responsible aquarist or even asking your local fish store as depending on the quantity, size and species, many will take them in. Online forums and groups are also a great place to ask. 

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