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Premium foliage food for shrimp and crayfish


In the natural biotopes of shrimp and crayfish, fallen leaves play an important role in their diet. The animals love to graze on decomposing leaves with the biofilm growing on them. Therefore, for a biologically balanced diet, vegetarian food should be a regular part of the menu for all shrimp and crayfish. The leaves of the Indian coral tree – known as "Dadap" in its native habitat – are 100% natural and an optimal nutritional supplement for all freshwater dwarf shrimp. The leaves are freshly picked, handpicked and gently dried.


They are characterized by a high content of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and plant enzymes. In addition, they provide valuable dietary fiber that promotes digestion. Due to their high protein content of approx. 30%, they are often used as high-quality farm animal feed in their native countries. As a natural supplementary food, ShrimpKing Dadap Leaves are excellent for variety and supplementation of the main feed. The dry leaves soak up water in the aquarium and sink to the bottom within 1 – 2 days. A biofilm of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms forms on the surface, fermenting ("predigesting") the leaf tissue. This natural growth is enthusiastically grazed by the shrimp. It contains all the nutrients and restorative substances they need on a daily basis. The fiber in the leaves acts as dietary fiber and promotes healthy digestion. Valuable secondary plant compounds strengthen the body's defenses and support healthy development.


Shrimp King Dadap Leaves ensure healthy, balanced growth, more vitality and reproductive joy. ShrimpKing Dadap Leaves have also proven themselves in professional keeping and breeding of Caridina and Neocaridina species as a nutritionally high-quality supplementary food. Since biodegradation takes about 1-2 weeks, each animal has enough opportunity to feed. Feeding stress is eliminated, which is especially advantageous for more assertive animals and juveniles. In the end only the filigree leaf skeleton remains.

Shrimp King Dadap Leaves

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    • Particularly nutritious due to high, natural protein content ( approx. 30% )
    • With essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and numerous secondary plant substances
    • With high, natural calcium content ( approx. 1.5% ) for a strong shell and problem-free molting of shrimp and crayfish
    • With valuable plant enzymes and digestion promoting dietary fiber ( approx. 23% )
    • Ideal also as a natural vacation food for weekends or vacations without water pollution
    • Also ideal for food supplementation for dwarf crayfish ( CPOs ), snails and growth-feeding catfish ( e.g. Ancistrus species )