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Common Name: Red Reni Sword


Sword species can be foud in the western hemisphere from the centeral United States to Argentina. 'Reni' is a well-known cultivar characterized by being easy to grow and amongst the smallest of the red Echinodorus, 15-40 cm tall and a roset from 15-25 wide. The new leaves of the plant are reddish-brown to deep beetroot in colour. It can be used in small aquariums and is unpretentious. A great splash of color and texture in a aquascape. We recomend midground to backgroud depending on the size of your aquarium. Can defenitly be a centerpiece.

Echinodorus sp. 'Reni'

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  • Remove the plant from the pot and remove the rock wool and rinse in water. Remove dead leaves. Using aquascaping tweezers, plant in substrate. The plant requires a lot of light and nourishment for optimal colour development. However, this plant can do ok in low light and CO2.

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