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PlecoCeramics DIY Paste for Plecos is a make it yourself food to help in keeping your pleco's healthy and for rearing. This food is used by PlecoCeramics in their own pleco farm. It's application allows in iducing natural feeding/grazing behavior. Great for Hypancistrus and Peckolita species.  

DIY Paste for Plecos

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  • To make 40 grams of paste, take 10 grams of the food formula and dd 30 grams of water. Stir thoroughly. The resulting paste can be applied directly onto a flat feeding surface. Dry and then place into tank. 

    The best time to feed is just before the lights are turned off. If any food is left after 4-5 hours, reduce the quantity. The paste will keep for three days and remain fresh as long as it is kept dry and out of direct sunlight below 77°F.

    Use by: 12 months till opening

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