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Common Name: Rose Maiden Crypt.


This beautiful variation of Cryptocoryne nurii was found growing in the wild in Malaysia around 1970. In the aquarium hobby it became popular under the name 'Rose Maiden'. This species of Cryptocoryne has a very unique leafe structure and gets its common name from its pinkish red rose color.  


A beautiful plant to bring a splash of color to any aquascape or to add to your Crypt. collection. A great midground plant or background plant in smaller aquascapes. 

Cryptocoryne nurii

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  • This plant is grown in-vitro and is kept in a nutrient medium. Remove plant from cup and rinse roots and plant in aquarium water to remove medium. Seperate into portions and plant into substrate with aquascaping tweezers.

    The plant is as easy to grow as Cryptocoryne wendtii and has the same size and leaf shape. It will, given the time, produce runners under the bottom layer, often showing up quite far from the mother plant. Intensity of colour and patterns in leaves is dependant on light and nutrition. CO2 injection is not required but will help.


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