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Anubias 'Pinto' is an exquisite selected cultivar of Anubias barteri. Its leaves, measuring 3-6 cm, showcase captivating patterns of white, light green, and dark green. These patterns can vary depending on the environment, and under certain conditions, the plant may develop entirely dark green leaves.

Unveil the enchanting allure of Anubias 'Pinto' as it adorns your aquascape with its captivating blend of colors and intricate leaf patterns. Strike the perfect balance of lighting, and watch as this cultivar flourishes, becoming the centerpiece of your aquatic paradise.

Anubias barteri var. nana 'Pinto'

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  • Remove plant from pot and use aquascaping tweezers to remove the rock wool. It is most decorative when attached to stones or roots, and like other Anubias it should be attached with fishing line cotten thread or gel based super glue until it gains a hold. If planted in the bottom, do not cover the rhizome as this may cause the plant to rot and die. 

    Achieving the perfect balance of light is crucial as good lighting enhances the white patterns, but excessive light can lead to damage and algae issues. With slow growth, Anubias 'Pinto' is a plant that demands patience. Medium level of lighting is recommended and like many Anubias sp. CO2 is not required.


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