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Multi-mineral Salt for Sulawesi Shrimp


For the targeted hardening of osmosis water, rainwater and fully desalinated water. Specially developed for keeping and breeding Sulawesi shrimp, especially the cardinal shrimp Caridina dennerli. With all vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins that shrimp need for healthy, balanced growth, colorfulness and reproductive joy. Sulawesi Salt can be used to create water with a total hardness and carbonate hardness that shrimp are accustomed to from their natural habitats. This is based on the water values measured on site during our Plantahunter Tour 2011. At the same time, Sulawesi Salt enhances the performance of filter bacteria and promotes plant growth. It is quickly soluble and easy to use.

Shrimp King Sulawesi Salt

    • With valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins
    • Creates ideal water conditions for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimps from the Sulawesi lakes
    • Results in a slightly basic pH value of ca. pH 7.8 – 8.5
    • For balanced growth, health and vitality
    • Increases the total and carbonate hardness
    • With essential vitamin B complex
    • Biologically balanced calcium-magnesium ratio
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