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NOTE: 17.6 lb. bag is pick up only!


Collected from the mineral-rich foothills of Mount Aso Volcano in Japan, Fluval Stratum makes an ideal alternative substrate for planted aquariums and those featuring shrimp.


  • Encourages strong plant growth – roots easily penetrate and spread throughout substrate to obtain key nutrients
  • Porous structure allows for rapid colonization of beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Helps support neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for most plants, tropical fish and shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums
  • Provides newborn shrimp with a refuge from predators until they are large enough to emerge
  • Will not discolor water and helps control organic discoloration when natural driftwood is present
  • For use in freshwater aquariums

Fluval Stratum

PriceFrom $17.99
  • In order to determine how much soil you will need, you will first have to measure your tank's legnth and width in cm. Then, consider how thick you want the substrate to be. Once you have the legnth, width and thickness, multiple all three and divide by 1000.


    Example: 90x60x8/1000 = 43.2 kg. (95.2 lb.)


    We recommend gently rinsing Stratum in a large colander or similar device without agitating the substrate to remove fine dust particles. Stratum is a natural soil product, and like any other organic matter, adding it to an aquarium has the potential to slightly increase ammonia levels. If the aquarium is established, this should not present a problem. We recommend using a test kit to ensure your aquarium is safe for fish.

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