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Recreate the Natural Environment for Softwater Fish!


Dymax Ultra Black Water is a conditioner that contains natural leaf extract. It is designed to recreate the environment found in parts of the Amazon River, which results in a more natural habitat for softwater fish. This helps to reduce stress levels and reverse stress-induced problems, which promotes spawning, vibrant colors, increased activity, and improved disease resistance. This conditioner is suitable for a variety of soft water fish, such as Angel, Neons, Barbs, Discus, Arowana, Stingrays, Catfish, and Pleco, and even aquatic plants that can benefit from its use.

Dymax Ultra Black Water

PriceFrom $11.99
    • Contains Natural Leaf Extract
    • Helps reduce stress levels
    • Promotes spawning, vibrant colors, and activity
    • Comes in two sizes: 300mL and 500mL
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