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Reconstitutes Reverse Osmosis, Deionized or Distilled Water for Freshwater Aquarium Use!



Fishes and aquatic plants and invertebrates require that specific elements be present in the water to aid with osmotic balance and ensure proper biochemical function, contributing to overall long-term health and survival. Remineralīz fulfills this requirement with a formulation based on data compiled from up-to-date aquatic research.Calcium is required for blood clotting, bone formation, and several metabolic processes in fish, and is required for cell wall stability/permeability and enzymatic processes in plants.Potassium and Sodium are of extreme importance to fishes, as they are required for proper neurological and muscular functioning.


Potassium is also required for protein synthesis, water and charge balance, and enzyme activation in plants.


Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll and is utilized in enzyme activation.


Sulfur is a component of proteins and the coenzymes that are involved with nutrient utilization and growth.Silicon, as silica, is an important component of plant cells, helping increase their strength and improving root growth, and acts as a buffer against pH shift.


Note that TDS and GH are not measuring the same ionic concentrations, and therefore they do not necessarily have a direct conversion; GH is related to the sum of divalent cations (predominantly calcium and magnesium) in solution, whereas TDS (total dissolved solids) measures the concentration of conductive substances in solution. This information is provided for reference purposes only. In general, aquatic habitats located in forested regions have a relatively-low concentration of dissolved inorganic substances, hence the general hardness and TDS are also low. Remineralīz is formulated to adjust water chemistry in aquaria housing fishes and plants indigenous to nearly every aquatic habitat, however it is recommended that Rift Lake Chemie be used to remineralize purified water meant for use in aquaria housing fishes from the East African Rift Lakes, as it has been formulated specifically for that purpose.

Brightwell Aquatics Remineraliz

    • Reconstitutes Reverse Osmosis, Deionized or Distilled Water for freshwater aquarium use. 
    • Adds minerals that have been removed by tap water filtration methods.
    • Establishes an optimal mineral balance in water that has been purified (e.g. reverse osmosis, deionization, etc.) or is exceedingly-soft (e.g. well water in forested regions) for all freshwater community aquaria, as well as for freshwater biotope aquaria housing fishes indigenous to forested and/or riverine habitats.
    • Provides a beneficial ratio of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, elements which are vital to the overall health and osmoregulation of fishes, invertebrates, andmany aquatic plants.
    • May be used to establish water parameters conducive to the husbandry of freshwaterfishes, plants, and invertebrates in aquaria filled with purified water, to replenish depleted elemental concentrations in aquaria that rarely receive a water change, and to re-establish beneficial mineral concentrations in aquaria following large water changes.
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    • 250 ml bottle