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Common Name: Japanese Bamboo Plant


The Blyxa japonica originates in the nutrient rich shallow pools of water, swamps and slowly flowing rivers in East and South East Asia.

The plant has gained notoriety thanks to the late Takashi Amano and his aquarium works from the 90s.

Blyxa has a distinct grass-like appearance that moves easily in the circulating aquarium water creating a sense of dynamicity in comparison to other more robust plants. A wonderful foreground to midground plant in Tropica's Medium Category. The plant can grow from 10 - 20+ cm

Blyxa japonica

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  • This plant is grown in-vitro and is kept in a nutrient medium. Gently remove plant from cup and rinse in a containor of aquarium water to remove the medium. Seperate into portions and plant into substrate with aquascaping tweezers

    This plant is a medium category plant and thus requires at least medium levels of lighting and CO2. The plant can be easily propegated by seperating and replanting the sideshoots. Make sure to suplement with fertalizers when needed. 

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