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Imagine the humid subtropical climate of the Everglades, where the slow-moving river flows and intertwines with marshy swamps and hardwood hammocks, creating a unique and dynamic ecosystem. Picture the still waters reflecting the vibrant green of sawgrass and the rustling of cypress trees in the breeze. Here, the substrate is a rich bed of organic materials, from fallen leaves to tiny roots, creating a haven for countless species of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. This is where our Everglades Riverbed draws its inspiration, replicating the natural matrix of organic matter and sand found in this sub-tropical landscape.


The fallen wood pieces and magnolia leaves in the substrate evoke the forested riverbanks, providing ample shelter for small fish and invertebrates, while the dried seed pods add an interesting texture and visual appeal. The combination of all these elements creates a perfect environment for a wide range of aquatic animals, from small invertebrates to larger fish, to thrive and live in a natural-looking habitat.


The Everglades Riverbed is the perfect choice for any type of design, providing a natural and authentic look to your aquarium or terrarium. The carefully selected materials, including dried seed pods, magnolia leaves, crushed leaves, and fallen wood pieces, are all 100% natural and non-toxic, making it a safe choice for your aquatic pets. The substrate does not affect water hardness and is easy to manipulate and spread in your aquarium, making it a convenient choice for any aquarist.

WIO Riverbed - Everglades

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