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Decorate your home (or fishroom!) with this beautiful watercolor art from Tropica depicting members of the Madagascariensis family.


"Since the foundation in 1970 Tropica has got recognized watercolour artists perpetuating the aquarium plants as unique watercolour paintings as they have entered the product range. A selection of the many watercolour drawings has now been given new life as motifs on beautiful art posters and art cards that fit into the modern interior design. The art poster measure 40 x 30 cm. The watercolour drawings on the art cards are drawn by Verner Hancke and Kirsten Tind. Kirsten Tind is a botanical illustrator and since 1979 she has illustrated plants for the University of Aarhus, the National encyclopedia of Denmark and the Flora of Denmark. All art cards and posters are printed in 300 gr. Munken Pure Rough design paper that reproduces the colours in the watercolour drawings beautifully with its uncoated, extra-rough surface and the cream-colored nuance."

Tropica Art Poster - Madagascariensis

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