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Common Name: Black Mystery Snail


This color morph of the popular mystery snail is one of our favorites. While it has a black body, the snails shell is actually brownish in color with black stripes. Just like any other snail, these snails are great for keeping the aquarium clean by eating uneaten food, algae etc. They are also great for addinng bio load to an aquarium that isn't well stocked such as a shrimp only aquarium. 


Mystery snails are from the genus Ampullariidae. They originate from South America and are extremely peaceful. There are over 120 species of snails with the Ampullariidae family. These snails are a classic in the aquarium hobby and come in a veriety of colors. Be advised that these snails do lay eggs out of water and once hatched will return back into the aquarium. 

Pomacea bridgesii 'Black' 3-Pack

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  • Tank Parameters

    • Ph: 7.0 to 7.6
    • Gh: 7 to 15
    • Kh:  2 to 8
    • TDS: 180 to 400
    • Temp: 68 to 72


    Mystery snails are predomenantly herbivores and will feed on plant matter. They will only feed on dying plant matter so will leave healthy plants alone. We like to give our snails a veriety of foods such as blanched veggies, veggie waffers and Shrimp King Snail Stixx which also contains calcium and minerals for healthy shell growth. 

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