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Benefits of Nature's Ocean® Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Sand:


  • Collected in its natural environment and packaged in its natural state (U.S. Patent #'s: 6,376,299 & 6,939,708)
  • Instant ammonia cycling
  • Perfect for most applications (except Undergravel filters)
  • Contains natural live marine bacterial biofilm
  • Superior to cultured live sand products



We strongly recomend testing your water before adding livestock and coral. Live sands help to kick start the nitrogen cycle and make the process quicker. If you are doing a fishless cycle (prefered), make sure to add a ammonia source to feed the bacteria.

Nature's Ocean Bio Activ Live Marine Aragonite

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  • Use a minimum of 1lb Bio-Activ Live Argaonite Live Sand per gallon of saltwater.A basic rule of thumb is during the first month introduce no more than 1" of fish per 5 gallon saltwater. This however can vary depending on species and size of system. 

    Once sand, rock and water is added test the water chemistry as you would normally to make sure the nitrogen cycle is complete before adding any livestock or coral. 



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