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NOTE: Medium & Large sizes are local-pickup only!


Malaysian driftwood is one of the most popular woods used in aquarium, terrarium, vivarium and paludarium hardscapes. Coming in all different shapes and sizes and with a darker brown color, it gives a really naturalistic look to your hardscape. Great for nature aquarium or biotope styles!

Great for attaching epiphyte plants like anubias and bucephalandra and is great for wood eating catfish.




Small: 5 - 7 in.

Medium: 8 - 12 in.

Large: 12 - 16 in.

Malaysian Drift Wood

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  • To prevent the wood from floating we recomend soaking it in water to make sure it is water logged. This can take a couple of weeks. This will also help release any tanins if you wish to not have any in the tank. 

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