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Common Name: Ashy Pipewort


This is a quite small, very narrow-leaved and almost cushion-growing plant which is great in the foreground.

The plant usually flowers very willingly after planting in the aquarium and the numerous flower stems give a unique appearance. 
Flowering easily drains the energy of the plant, but given the right conditions, it will gather new energy and grow from basis after some time.

Part of Tropica's advanced category.

Eriocaulon cinereum

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  • This plant is grown in-vitro and is kept in a nutrient medium. Remove plant from cup and gently rinse in aquarium water to remove any access medium. Seperate into portions and plant into soil with aquascaping tweezers. 

    The genus Eriocaulon is usually adapted to soft water. Eriocaulon cinereum is more tolerant than most and will thrive in medium-hard water.  Soft water will promote overall health.

    Demands good supply of light and CO2 to develop.

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