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NOTE: Medium and large pieces are local pick-up only!


Dragon Wood makes a great addition to any freshwater aquarium. The delicate branches and red/brown color create a more natural environment, making fish feel less stressed and more at home. A centerpiece for any aquascape!


Moss, Anubias, Java Fern look beautiful attached to this wood!


  • Small: 20-30cm / 7.5"-12"
  • Medium: 30-40cm / 12-15.5"
  • Large: 40-50cm / 19.5"-23.5"

Dragon Wood

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  • Dragon Wood is softer and more porous than most driftwood used in aquariums; therefore, it tends to leach very quickly and can affect water quality especially if multiple pieces are being used. We strongly recommend soaking Dragon wood before adding to the aquarium. We normally soak Dragon wood for at least two weeks before aquascaping. Soaking the wood will also allow it to be water loged and thus will not float in the aquarium.

    A white fungus might develop over the wood but that is normal. Fish may even eat it, The fungus will not last long.


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