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The aquavitro sentia doser secondary connects to the aquavitro sentia doser primary. To use the secondary you must have a primary as the primary has the power supply.

The secondary connects to the primary. To connect you just need to remove the side coverplate and slide into place. You can use the included color tabs to differentiate the multiple dosers. 

As with the primary, the secondary comes with tubing, tubing connectors, a mounting plate and a measuring vial.

aquavitro sentia dose (Secondary)

    • Removable mounting bracket
    • Rotating head for ease of attachment
    • Only 2.625” wide. 8 units side-by-side are only 17" wide (once you remove the side panels and connect the units)
    • Scan a compatible Seachem or aquavitro product barcode and the app will automatically calculate and setup dosing based on your aquarium volume.
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