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University Club Builds Coral Aquaculture System

The Stockton Aquarium and Aquaculture Club (SAAC), which is based at Stockton University in Galloway NJ, has been working for the past two years in building and maintaining the "Coral Farm". This system will be part of the university's new coral lab, maintained by the SAAC with help from the field staton staff, at the university's marine field station at Port Republic which is just a few minutes from the Galloway Campus.

The purpose of this project is to introduce its members to the world of coral husbandry, propagation and salt water systems in general. A team of SAAC members consist of students of varying experiences. The farm consists of the main coral frag tank which is ~120 g with a ~40 g sump. It is lighted with a T5/LED hybrid with AI Hydra LED lights. The system is also monitored with the Neptune Systems Apex. There will also be two smaller ~60 g tanks that will be less high tech and used for quarantining, grow out and used or research purposes. The farm will be used by faculty and staff for class room instructions, out reach programs and independent research.

This project is the beginning of an attempt by the SAAC to revitalize the field stations' aquaria and aquaculture laboratory which over the years has slowly lost support and being used mainly for oceanographic equipment storage and maintenance.

As of right now this project is solely financed by the SAAC through donations. A donation page has been created and is still accepting donations to help keep this project running. Updates are also posted on this page.

If you are interested in supporting this project feel free to visit their Donation Page.

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