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Common Name: Water Spangles 


Salvinia rotundifolia minima is a Central and South American floating fern that is known for its relatively large size and its dangling roots, which are a great feeding area and refuge for aquatic animal fry. This hardy plant propagates quickly and can provide shade to areas of the aquarium, which will encourage more reclusive species to come out of hiding. This is a truly beautiful and very beneficial plant for aquariums with gentle water flow.

Salvinia varieties have small hairs on their leaves, making them water resistant. Helps prevent algae by shading parts of the aquarium and using nutrients in the water. Grows very big in the wild and in optimum conditions. A decorative plant for open aquariums, palidariums and ponds!


This plant comes in a small portion cup.


Note: This plant is not available in the US by Tropica.

Salvinia rotundifolia minima

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  • Easy to maintain plant that does well in slow moving water. Grows quickly if there is sufficient nutrition and light. Light leaves are a sign of a shortage of micronutrients and will need to suppliment with liquid fertalizers. Just like any other floating plant, propogation is easy. Too much of the plant will shade and choke plants below of light and should be removed and discarded appropriatly. 


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