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Barrier Reef Labs LPS GroFormula is a micro pearl food designed to mimic natural suspended food that corals and even fish feed on in the wild. We have been testing this food and have seen great results. Because this food does not dilute into the water, water chemistry is not affected and instead travels into the filtration system to be safely removed from the water column before it breaks down and causes chemistry spikes. 


Although geared towards LPS, this  formula can also be fed to SPS and softies. This coral food is even safe for Euphyllias sp. 

Barrier Reef Labs - LPS GroFormula

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  • This food can be fed to corals by direct feeding or water column feeding. We recomend mixing food with tank water in a small cup and either direct feed with a baster or pour onto any circulation pumps.

    Set return pump and skimmer to feed mode or shut off to allow ample time for livestock to feed.

    This product has a 2 year shelf life*. Not for human consumption. Keep away from children. Place in a dry/cool place.

    *Still good after if stored in a cool/fry location. We have had no issues.

  • Ingrediants: Marine Planktons, Marine Plankton Extract



    Crude Protien: 60%

    Crude Fat: 20%

    Crude Fibre: 8%

    Moisture: 6%

    Ash: 6%


    *Analysis may vary  

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