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Common Name: Red Flame Sword


Echinodorus sp. 'Red Flame' is a beautiful species of sword plants that brings a splash of bright to bloodish red color. A relativly easy to maintain plant great as a center piece to any aquascape. Like many this sword is found in South America and is great for biotopes.  This plant can grow from 8-12". 

Echinodorus sp. 'Red Flame'

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  • Remove the plant from the pot and remove the rock wool and rinse in water. Remove dead leaves. Using aquascaping tweezers, plant in substrate.

    Like other swords, this species requires a nutrient rich substrate. If using enerte substrae such as sand or gravel, nutrient capsules will be needed as these plants are heavy root feeders. Moderate to high lighting is recomended in order to maintain that red coloration. CO2 is not required. Great as a midground or background plant depending on the size of the aquarium.


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