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Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Fish keeping is arguably the second most popular pet hobby in the world with number one being dogs and cats. Throughout my life since I was a toddler we had fish tanks in the house as my uncle and dad were interested at the time. Although, it is safe to say they didn't as much about maintaining aquariums as I do now.

As I continued my personal study into the world of fish keeping I discovered testimonials and research on the benefits of keeping fish.


There is a sense of calmness when it comes to experiencing anything with water. The sound and sight of water trickling, raining or crashing down has been known to help calm the nerves and relaxes the mind. Many would play water sounds to help them sleep. In an aquarium, depending on they type of equipment and style of enclosure for your aquatic or semi aquatic friends, you are able to have that organic sound in your home.

The shimmering light from the movement of the water also has a calming feeling and many use their aquarium lights as a sort of nigh light, especially in kids bedrooms. That plus the movement of the inhabitants also give a sense of euphoria.

There are times where I will just sit infant of my tanks and just watch the animals do their thing. Almost in a hypnotic state of mind not knowing I've been there for a while.

Aquariums have become very popular in use in therapy and many therapy clinics will have them. Dental and general health clinics and hospitals will also have them to help ease the nerves of especially the younger patients.

I personally owe a lot to the hobby for helping me deal with my own mental health as I still battle with depression and anxiety.

Educational Tool

Wether it is in a classroom, educational laboratory or your home, maintaining aquatic animals is a science in itself and can become a great learning tool for kids and young teens. Aquariums are great in teaching kids about responsibility in keeping a pet.

Public schools and universities utilize aquatic husbandry to allow students to observe and work with live specimens. I myself maintain aquatic animals at my university's aquaria lab.

Although it may be daunting, once you have a better understanding of aquatic husbandry there is no doubt that this hobby is rewarding!

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